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The Kingston Numismatic Society was founded in 1966, and is a Member of the British Association of Numismatic Societies. Also, The Kingston Numismatic Society is affiliated to the Kingston upon Thames Youth and Community Service

Annual membership fee (September thru August) is currently £12 (£15 for two people at the same address, £5 for under 18), though these figures are halved if joining after February.

We are the FRIENDLY Club for Coin Collectors of ALL AGES and Numismatic interests

Our monthly meetings start at 7.30 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month (except December and January) at

St. Pauls Parish Hall,
Hook Road,

The December meeting is held as above but on the second Thursday (so as not to conflict with Christmas preparations).
In January there is no formal meeting, but an informal gathering is usually held at the house of one of the members.


For further details about our Society, please send an e-mail (by clicking below), which will be passed on for attention of our Secretary (Norman Clarkson) or Treasurer (Robert Goff).

We currently have about 40 or so members, and we try to have a varied programme of events.



Programme for 2014

January 15th                                 An informal meeting, at Ron & Amalia's.
February 20th David Powell, onProvincial Coinage of Roman Egypt”.
March 20th Tony Holmes, onPapal Coinages”.
April 17th A further Auction of Books from the K.N.S. library.
May 15th Stephen Alexander, onArab - Byzantine Coins”. I understand that this will encompass the Byzantine history of the time, the rise of Islam, and the start of Islamic coinage from the Byzantine copies.
June 19th 91st Members' Auction.
July 17th Members' Night – displays and talks on the theme of My Favourite Coin (or medal or banknote etc.)
August 21st [to be announced] – maybe a numismatic quiz?
September 18th Annual General Meeting (to be followed by a short talk, if time permits).
October 16th [to be announced]
November 20th [to be announced]
December 11th or 18th 92nd Members' Auction. (On the 11th if the hall is available, else on the 18th)
January 15th 2015 An informal meeting, at Ron & Amalia's.

Do you want to send a message for Ron H-W to forward to the club Secretary or Treasurer?

Logo of The Kingston Numismatic SocietyBy the way, the logo shown is reproduced from the Society’s tie. The background of royal blue is for the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. Three interlocking rings represent coins, one in each of the three traditional coinage metals - gold, silver and copper. In each ring appears one of the Society’s initials K N S, all in gold, which at least in recent times generally takes precedence over the other two metals. Alongside are three diagonal lines, one in each metal, representing the strips from which the planchets, blanks or flans are punched out.

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